Why An Exterior Paint Job Is Such A Smart Remodel


Do you have a little extra cash that you are hoping to invest into your home? You should choose a basic remodel that will increase your property's value, functionality and style. Exterior remodels are generally more effective because they boost the curb appeal of your property. This will have huge benefits when it comes to selling your home in the future. This is why so many people have their exterior painted before they sell their home. This article will explain why painting your exterior is such a smart remodel and why you should let professionals handle the project.

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Painting the exterior walls can actually increase functionality of your home. This is because your stucco walls will be patched and resealed before they are painted. Repairing small holes in your sidewalls, whether they are a result of structural damage or termite infestation, can help increase the insulation of your home.

In fact, you can repaint your walls with a modern paint that has better solar reflectivity. Modern energy efficient paints are thicker than normal paints. They insulate and waterproof your exterior walls. This means the paint will not absorb the sun's rays and transfer them into your home. It will be much easier to keep your home interior at the desired temperature. Thicker exterior paint will also last much longer than traditional paint.

Let the Pros Handle It

When painting exterior stucco it is always best to leave the labor up to the professionals. Some people think that they could paint their exterior walls because they have painted inside their home. Painting with thick, exterior paint is far more difficult that painting with traditional interior paints. Most professionals will use special paint guns to spray the paint onto the stucco. This allows them to get the best coverage over a rough stucco surface. Also, the professional will extensively mask off the areas around your walls. This is nothing like putting down a few sheets of newspaper to protect your floor when painting interior walls. They will use industrial-sized rolls of plastic to cover your floors and prevent overspray from getting all over your neighbor's house.

When you hire painters, like the Painting Service by University Painters, make sure they are able to adequately patch and fix any holes in your existing sidewalls. With newly patched, primed and painted walls, your home will look newer. You will also be able to enjoy a more solar efficient home and save a little bit of money on your utility bills.


14 August 2015

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