How To Mask Off Your Interior Like A Pro


House painting is a simple job, but it is quite messy. Compared to most home renovations, painting requires fewer tools and less money. However, the project can be time-consuming if you drip paint all over and need to spend hours cleaning it up. Paint can be very hard to remove from fabrics and carpet, so it is best to be prepared. If you spend more time prepping your interior to be painted, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. This article explains the best materials and products for masking off your interior to make your paint job cleaner and quicker. 

Use Construction Paper on Hard Floors

Large rolls of construction paper, or red rosin paper are the best for covering your hard floors. The paper is much better on hard surfaces, like tile, linoleum, concrete or hardwood because it has better grip. Painter's plastic is not safe on hard surfaces because it is slippery to walk on. This makes it hard to place ladders or step stools on the floor. Paper is also great because it is absorbent. Paint drips and spills will dry up quicker than they will on plastic. As you walk around the floor, you always have to be aware of any paint that you are tracking around.   

Use Painter's Plastic on Carpet

Painter's plastic is much better than paper for covering carpet floors. Paper can puncture as you walk over it, especially on thick carpet. Any hole in your floor covering is a major concern and should be taped up immediately.

No matter how you cover your floors, need to securely tape the paper or plastic down. Don't just set it down or else it will shift all over the place as you are working on it. You will need to make constant adjustments and slow down your painting. Use thick masking tape, at least 2" wide, to tape down the edges. You can even tape the plastic edges directly onto the carpet. You can also tape the edges of the paper or plastic onto the baseboard if it is present in the room. The tape will stick well to the smooth wood surface.

Lastly, keep wet rags nearby at all times while you are painting. Spills are inevitable, but most can be cleaned with a wet rag if you wipe them up immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean up. 


5 April 2016

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