How To Paint Your Ceiling Like A Pro


Painting your ceiling is not the most exciting job, but it can help a dirty old ceiling look new again. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult, especially if you try to cut corners. Here is a guide to help you paint your ceiling like a pro to make the job easy and successful.


You will want to gather all of your materials before you start the job to make it as easy and organized as possible.

  • Ladder: This is essential for painting a ceiling even if you plan on staying on the ground with the assistance of an extended paint roller. Chances are you will still need the ladder for hard to reach areas.
  • Drop cloth:  This is a good tool to have when painting your ceiling to help minimize any spills or mistakes.
  • Painter's tape: This tool means added work, but it will save you time in the long run.
  • Paintbrush: You won't want to go cheap when buying a paintbrush. A good quality brush is key to help you paint easily with good results.
  • Paint roller: This will help you get the job done quickly. The type of roller you need depends on the type of ceiling you have. If it's textured, then you will need a textured roller. A standard roller is fine for ceilings that aren't textured.
  • Primer: Primers usually lighten your workload, by covering dark spots and making your paint application more even with fewer coats.

Prepare Your Surface

Generally, there are fewer blemishes and holes on your ceiling, but it's a good idea to clean your ceiling and cover up any holes. Textured ceilings are prone to holding on to dirt and little tufts of cobwebs, so you will definitely want to remove those before you paint. You can easily cover up any holes with a filler to make the ceiling look even better. Now is the time to remove as many pieces of furniture as possible as well as lie down drop clothes and apply painter's tape.

Begin Painting

The technique you use is up to you. It's best to paint the way you feel comfortable considering that painting a ceiling can be physically difficult. Paint the easy to reach areas with your paint roller, then use your paint brush to tackle the hard to reach areas.

As mentioned before, painting a ceiling can be difficult since it is physically demanding. The main thing to remember is don't cut corners and make sure you prepare for the project properly. If you do this, then the easiest part of the project should be the painting. This means less awkward, physical work for you with beautiful results. Contact a business, such as Brad McDonnell Painting & Decorating, if you need help with your project.   


5 April 2016

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