Does Your Outdated Home Need Big Changes? Make A Huge Impact On A Low Budget


If you've bought an old outdated house and you are looking to make some big changes without having a large construction project, what do you do? There are alterations that will have a huge impact, and that don't have to cost a lot of money if your budget is tight.

Professional Painting

If done correctly, painting the home can update the appearance and add value to the property. Choose a neutral and light interior color for walls and a bright white for the ceiling. This can help give the illusion that the rooms are larger, and it will make the rooms brighter.

Professional painters know how to paint interior and exterior surfaces, so consider getting doors, windows, shutters and even trim done while the experts are at your house. If the kitchen or bathroom cabinets look outdated, have the cabinets sanded, stained or painted. Check out a company like All Seasons Painting & Decorating for more information on painting.


Brass hardware is one of the most noticeable features that will reveal the true age of the home. With a few builder packages from the local home improvement store that contain enough knobs, hinges and handles to replace the old ones and a screwdriver, you should be able to make this change on your own. Light fixtures with brass also need replaced. This instantly makes the house look new and clean. For entrance doors you want to change the locks as a new homeowner, so choose modern brushed nickel locking sets.

Stainless Steel Film

Are the appliances in the kitchen all black, white or another color? If so, you can purchase a stainless steel film that will cover the appliances. This film will go on smooth and make the appliances look like they are stainless steel and you don't have to pay the money to replace the appliances. The film is easy to wipe clean just like the current surface of the appliances.

Don't spend the money on real stainless steel until you need to replace one of the appliances, and purchasing a new stainless steel item won't cause the items to be mismatched because the others already appear to be real stainless.

If your outdated home really shows it's age, and you want to make a big impact but you don't have the funds to do any major construction work, start with these easy changes to get instant results. After seeing the results you can start budgeting and planning for the necessary changes you want to make.  


13 April 2016

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